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Mary and I went to the Humane Society this afternoon to see our latest adoption. We are going to name her Willow Marie. She is such an adorable little girl. She has already been spade and something removed from one of her eyes. She is on antibiotics for about ten days and we will be able to pick her up on Friday next week. We paid for her today and did all the paper work so all we have to do is show up on Friday morning at nine and take her to her new home. We are excited once again. I'll have pictures up of her on Facebook, Twitter, and LJ. She had a bit of a rough beginning like Jack. I think we are supposed to help her. It will be interesting to see her character come out in these next few months, like Jack's did. We may give them voices at home, but we don't give them personalities, they have that in spades, no pun intended. We don't give them emotions, they have that in abundance as well. We don't give them feelings, they can feel love and happiness, contentedness and the like. There are many things we don't give them, but they give us so much in return without hesitation. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere. There was a quote on the wall at the Humane Society that said, "if you've never loved an animal, than part of your heart is left unawakened." That's a paraphrase by the way and I can't remember who said it, but I agree. Dogs aren't for everyone, but for Mary and I, and many others, they are just little precious angels for us to take care of while here on this earth. Willow will be our last adoption, we can't rescue them all, even if we really would want to. We can only save the ones we can.
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