Aug. 27th, 2009

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Thank you for the three invite codes! I shall pass them along to whom it may interest. Perhaps my niece Amy will like to journal. I don't really know of anyone at work who would be interested in journaling but I'll find two more people I'm sure.
Today is day one of my four day weekend and it's cloudy and there's a threat of rain this afternoon so I axed the yard care for now. Just the usual suspects, laundry, journaling, internet surfing, music listening, house crap.
I took Jack for a long walk this morning. We went a little further than what Mary walks only because I took a wrong turn and ended up having to go down a bunch a alleyways to finally get back to a sidewalk. It must have been humid because forty-five minutes later my shirt was no longer of any use to me, had to change.
Mary is at orientation in Crookston for her clinicals that start next Tuesday. She is going to be very, very busy these next nine months. But time will go by quickly, as it often does, and she will be a full-fledged RN!
I continue to be amazed at her intelligence and smartitude.


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