Sep. 12th, 2009

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Willow is such an amazing girl. She has been sleeping with us in the bed since day one, because she made it abundantly clear she does not want to sleep alone in the dark in her room. She sleeps through the night and doesn't jump down and potty anywhere. There are a few accidents of course but nothing drastic. She is such a love, she'll kiss and kiss and kiss anyone or anything. She kisses Jack and Raven, our elbows or ankles and toes. She's been playing a little more each time with Jack, but we have to monitor them 'cause Jack can get a little rough, but other than that they play great together, and that is a plus we were hoping for.
And now for something completely different:
I ordered my airbrush system today! I'm very excited about learning to use it and becoming skilled in the art of airbrushing. Some of the techniques and effects you get are just amazing. I started thinking of when I used to draw and do lots of sketches of things, and after seeing what my classmate Joel Harlow became (two-time Emmy Award winner for movie make-up effects) I decided to blow the layers of dust off my sketch pad and pencils and retrain myself in drawing. At first that was all I was thinking of doing, then it occurred to me that I should go beyond the pencil and learn a new art form. The airbrush was a logical choice and one the I actually have considered in the past even pre-Harlow as it were, but I couldn't justify the cost. That was until shopping on the internet became more safe. I found an airbrush system, the same brand name that professionals use. It is called Paasche.
Pronounced Pa-shay. I bought a Paasche duel action airbrush kit complete with an air hose. I got a Paasche air compressor with regulator and another duel action airbrush from Master Airbrush. I've been watching free videos of airbrushing basics on the web and have learned about the basic functions and techniques. Now I can't wait to try them out. Once I've become well trained in the art form I want to do some pieces such as Jack in an SG-1 uniform standing in front of the stargate. Some pieces whimsy and others serious, I think it will be really fun. Plus if they are good enough maybe I'll hang them in the house or shop somewhere.
Good Day my gentle viewers.


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