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I have recently run into some computer problems with my Gateway desktop. All of a sudden without any warning, it decided not to load any of my drivers for my video card because it said that the device has reported problems. It locked my resolution in at 640X480! You can't do anything at that resolution! And nothing I did could change that resolution. Okay, now I've had that video card for about two years with no problems what-so-ever. I'm not sure what sort of problem it has, but I have never had an issue with it before. I hate Vista, it is by far thee worst Operating System ever. It makes me reluctant to get a new video card because how do I know if it will suddenly prevent me from using that one? Someone said recent updates that Microsoft put out for the OS are causing all sorts of problems. I found where my OS was keeping my list of reported problems and clicked to send the information to Microsoft. I HAD 203 PROBLEMS WITH MY COMPUTER! WHAT? I know that pc's are number one in targeting by viruses and hackers, but that is ridiculous. I told Mary that I think that when the time comes to get a new computer that we should seriously think about paying a little extra and get a Mac with OSX or whatever the new OS is at that time. I've watched a lot of videos about OSX and it really looks wonderful, all the things that you can do with it is really first class. I loved the video editing software you can get, that would be fun. Apple was the only computer company to actually gain revenue during the economic slump, I believe. So, now I'm here with the "on board" video accelerator, which of course, looks a million times better than before. At least I can use it again. And I haven't been on my laptop because some little princess, Willow, chewed right through Mary's power cord to her laptop, so I had to give mine to her until she can order a new one, which is kind of expensive, actually it's really expensive, about seventy dollars. So, thanks to princess for that.
My airbrushing is very cool. I like it much. I'm learning a lot about it and 'am excited to keep learning so that I can create some nice pieces of art. Techniques will come with time and so will my own style. Right now I'm focusing on drawing and it is coming along nicely. I'm just about done with my dragon! It is very cool. When I draw, I detail just about everything. It takes time, but the end result is cool. It takes patience and a very sharp pencil.
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