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Dreamwidth, cool name. The width of ones dreams are limitless. Today is just going to be a relaxing day at home, it is the sabbath you know anyway.
Our yard sale yesterday yielded 89 dollars, and that is just from all the small stuff. The washer and treadmill are still here, all our printers and my old monitor are still here as well. I thought for sure that all of those would sell. It was a cold and cloudy day for being the dog days of summer, but that's North Dakota for you. Jack was left out while we were gone today and did excellent, nothing chewed up or peed on. Mary starts back to school tomorrow and will be quite busy. I will do my part and keep up the house and other things while she is studying. I probably won't see much of her even when we're home together. But at least I'll know where she is.
I'll post more later, just wanted to get my first post in on Dreamwidth today.

Date: 2009-08-31 06:53 am (UTC)
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Hey, didn't realize you got a Dreamwidth account!

You should go subscribe to us, so that when you click "Reading Page" you see our posts. :)


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