The Oscars

Feb. 5th, 2010 07:44 pm
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This is mostly for my parents, others I'm sure have read this on Facebook.
I'm very excited to say that my old high school friend, Joel Harlow, who if you recall, is a two time Emmy winner for special effects make-up in major motion pictures, was just nominated for an Oscar on Tuesday morning, which just happened to be his birthday as well! What a birthday present! He is on the ticket with two others for their work in the new Star Trek movie. Joel was the prosthetics make-up supervisor and was in charge of sculpting and making all the prosthetic ears for the Vulcan's and Romulan's and was Mr. Nimoy's make-up artist for the movie, he also made the cool tattoo on the villain's forehead, Nero! Joel continues to astound me and I'm so very glad for him and all that he is doing with his career. We are friends on Facebook now and I sent him a Congratulations for the nomination. I believe that he will win. I will have to watch the Oscars this year for sure, I usually don't, and look for him if they win and get to go up on stage to receive the award. I saved the email he sent me last summer saying that he remembered me and that he was glad that I was drawing again. As I perused his photos on Facebook and his website, I can't even imagine the life that he is living, what a blast to be rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Leonard Nimoy and Johnny Depp and so many, many more!


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