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Thursday at work I didn't turn a doorknob far enough and slammed my face into the metal door. It was NOT forgiving. Then I reached for my ipod while sitting in my van and pulling my hand back knocked most of the contents of my water bottle on my leg and seat. Uffda Thursday to me. Today I thought that I'd become Super-He-man-Hercules and push our old fridge up the stairs, since our other fridge's compressor went out, and was thoroughly defeated in the task. I tried and tried for over an hour taking small breaks to catch my breath. All I got for my efforts was sweat-soaked clothes and a big bruise on my shoulder. Uffda Friday to me. Now I may need to ask for prayer cover in the near future if this trend continues. I think there is even small creases in my skin on my shoulder!
In lighter news, Mary and I got a Wii for our gift to each other and boy, is that fun. Bowling, golfing, tennis are what we play the most. We tried the boxing once and afterwards we were sitting on the floor sweating! We don't play that one much anymore.
In great news, Mary finally got an RN position at a community clinic in Fargo. She will be working with the homeless in the clinic and out in the shelters. It has been six months of applying places and no one here in town was responding. We may have to move because there isn't much here for her. It's weird that there is so many openings for RN's but no one is willing to hire. Uffda job hunting to her. But the good news is she finally got her foot in the door as an RN! Just pray that door in more forgiving than the one I "ran into".
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