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2009-08-30 04:56 pm

Social Networking

Last night was fun. I had my laptop set up with all my networks and my desktop was firing off episode after episode of Stargate SG-1. I was Facebooking with my niece Amy for a bit and kept track of her little pool shark outing. I set up a Twitter account and got that right where I want it, then today set up on Twitpics. I think there is a Twitvid too. I made a few little skits, with my webcam, concerning a Norwegian bed and breakfast owner.
"If your toilet is runnink, yus give dat handle a little yiggle."
"Breakfast will be at eight, and ve are havink lutefisk, lefsa, and sun buckles, mmmmmm."
So, anyway, I carried on for far to long and the next thing I knew it was almost 2am! Couldn't believe it.
This morning I took Jack for a nice long walk and now this afternoon will be one load of laundry, and home office stuff, followed by laundry room shenanigans, followed by living room monkey shines, followed by kitchen tom foolery.